About G. Sims

G. Sims & Associates was established in 2012 by the Current owner, Gwendolyn Sims. G. Sims started as a small railing manufacturer out of 2 car garage. Since the beginning days, Gwen Sims has grown G. Sims into a complete metal fabricating company known for its impeccable work. G. Sims & Associates fabricates everything from projects as small as angle clips for customers, to Structural steel, railings of all metals, stairs, etc.

We currently fabricate out of our 5,000 square foot shop in East Norriton, just outside of Philadelphia, which includes a clean room for welding stainless materials. Gwen continuously looks to expand her Companies, grow with the newest technologies and continue to be a leading fabricator in The Philadelphia area. From day one, Gwen has never settled for less than the best and it shows throughout multiple projects in the Philadelphia area that have been completed by her teams.

Welding Cababilities

Our customers gain access to extensive welding capabilities in both manual welding, Mig and Tig.  Our capabilities include experienced and certified in welding carbon steels, stainless steel, brass, and aluminum materials.

We are a trusted leading metal fabricating company with the highest level of quality and service.  We are a single source metal fabricating company that possess the capability to undertake all types of metal projects in the industrial, commercial, educational, and medical industries.  From design to Engineering to Fabrication to Installation.  We take pride in our extremely high standards with our customer satisfaction as our top priority to meet and exceed all expectations. We follow a strict quality management protocol, designed to ensure that the products and services we provide meet customer, market, and regulatory requirements.

During the estimating process, we conduct a thorough evaluation of your project requirements, scope, and time line.  We begin by reviewing your ideas and drawings.  Using a collaborative approach, our engineering and estimating teams work together to ensure quality at every step. G. Sims is constantly chasing , purchasing, and integrating the newest technologies into our fabrication process’s. From CNC cutting to laser layouts, precision fabrication is what we are about.

AWS & ASIC Certified

G. Sims fabricators are AWS certified welders that are constantly training, updating there certifications, and adding the newest of certifications. With some of the Fabricators, Forman and Staff having over 30 years in the miscellaneous metals and Fabricating business, we have seen, been part of, and completed many outstanding projects